SEBYM Bible Seminary

The Bible & Ministerial Institute of BCM Peru provides a 1-year basic Bible training program or a 3 year program of Bible plus practical training in a variety of children's ministries. Both programs seek to equip our young people with a basic working knowledge of the Word of God and produce future Christian leadership. The IBYM is situated at the Multifunctional Center offering residency to our students during the week, while they serve in local churches throughout Lima during the weekends.


Cost per person/month: $110 US (about $1000/ year)

Includes: Shared dorms, 3 meals/day, necessary books, tuition, ministry expenses


For more info on IBYM, please contact us at (Spanish or English).

Life at SEBYM

^Worship - An integral part of daily/weekly chapel services at IBYM.

^Dorms - Home sweet home!

^Work/Chores - Hands on work around the property, building and beautifying.

^Sports - Team sports and recreation throughout the week.

^Bible Classes - Various Bible classes throughout the week as well as guest speakers.


^Dining Hall - The place to be 3 times a day and of course snacks!

^BCM Property - 2.2 Hectares of space for dorms, sports, dining hall, class rooms...

^Ministry - Hands on every weekend with the many ministries of BCM Peru.