Pennies for Peru

Pennies for Peru (in Peru called “Compartiendo”) is the evangelistic branch of BCM Peru that seeks to reach out to children in the streets, in the parks, in schools, etc. with the Gospel of Christ. Pennies for Peru is a ministry that is operated in cooperation and coordination with the local churches churches, offering a dynamic program of games, clowns, songs, a Bible verse, puppets and a presentation of the Gospel at a child's level. At the end of the program, the children that attended receive a nutritious snack (fruits, sandwich, etc).


Goals of Pennies for Peru:

  • To evangelize children where they are.
  • To provide the children that attend a Pennies for Peru activity with a nutritious snack.
  • To be an instrument for the local church through which children can be reached with the Gospel.
  • To help the local church by being a channel through which the diversity of gifts and talents among the members may be put to the service of the Lord.
  • To provide the volunteers with an opportunity to serve God with their gifts and talents, while seeing the Lord at work in and through their lives.

Pennies for Peru in Action!