BCM Peru's camps see both saved and unsaved children over the course of the summer. In conjunction with many churches, children come to a week long summer camp and are presented with Bible truths in a relaxed atmosphere with games, competitions, bonfires, and a visit to the ocean―all the things kids love! It takes a lot of volunteers and committed staff to make camps happen, many of whom are students from our Bible Institute (IBYM) or volunteers from churches.


On a spiritual level BCM Peru seeks to accomplish the following goals in the lives of each camper:


That they may come to know God

  • Presenting each camper with the Gospel of Christ
  • Helping each camper that makes a decision for Christ in camp to take their first steps toward growth in their spiritual life.


That they may come to love God

  • Presenting Christian campers with Bible truth upon which they are challenged to make life-changing decisions for God.


That they may come to obey God

  • Challenging each Christian to obey every Bible truth presented, and consider a life in God's service as a valid option for future and career.

BCM Peru Camps