Bible Clubs

The Church is God's tool to reach and edify those who are lost without Christ, and without hope. The ministry of Bible Clubs seeks to establish church-operated weekly children's meetings as a vital part of the local church congregation. The Lord Jesus said: “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19,20). This includes the children of Peru!


Based on this conviction, we seek to respond to God's call, and evangelize and disciple the children of our beloved Peru by establishing Bible Clubs.


Goals for Bible Clubs:

  • That the children who attend a Bible Club program come to know, love, and serve God, through the different programs offered through the BCM Bible Club ministry.
  • Provide the local church with a tool to establish the children in their neighborhood in the Word of God.
  • Help the local congregations by providing a channel through which the diversity of gifts among its members may be used for God.
  • Share our vision to consider children as a mission field.
  • Provide the students of the Institute for Bible & Ministry with an opportunity to serve God with their gifts and talents.

Children at Bible Clubs!