In the year 1994, BCM was founded in Peru under the leadership of Carlos and Marion Odicio, followed later by two more families, the Torrejons and the Baillys. The ministry began with small scale evangelistic campaigns, seeking to motivate the churches to consider the children of Peru as their mission field.


As a result, and in close cooperation with local churches, an evangelistic outreach to children, called "Pennies for Peru", was created to take out onto the streets of Peru's capital, Lima.


In 1998, the Lord provided a property in the Lurin valley, just outside of Lima, to function as the mission's headquarters and Multifunctional Center. Ten years after the start of the ministry of BCM in Peru, the mission has 8 ministries to serve the local church in general, and more specifically for the evangelization and edification of the children of Peru.




BCM Peru desires to be the window through which God shows His Church the urgency of being involved in missions including children in the age group of 4 to 14 years old (“4/14 Window”). We endeavor to show the needs of our children, and to respond to those needs in practical ways by equipping the Church to offer biblical answers to today's challenges our children are facing.


The call to “Go and MAKE disciples” is an undeniable command that BCM Peru intents to obey without delay, based on the understanding that the first and basic right of every child is to know his or her Creator.


BCM firmly believes, and urges others to adopt the same convictions from the Word of God, that


-A child can and should be SAVED

-A child can and should live in HOLINESS

-A child can and should SERVE GOD


The Church in Peru is beginning to catch the vision! God's people are beginning to see their “mission field” —the children who are playing soccer in the streets, flocking into the school, and being lured into the dark side of life. BCM Peru desires to reach out to the children, motivating toward consciousness about their physical and spiritual needs, and creating awareness for their potential in God's Kingdom.


If we are to harvest Peru's greatest natural resource―its children―for our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, we need to act NOW! We need to encourage, to train, to equip and to come alongside the local church and help them do the job!